everything on here is not fully finished

Welcome To My Art School Project

- Marta Nagorska

Labyrinth / Maze

This project was given by Nini it took longer than expected but came out okay, could have been worse.

3D City Drawing

This art project / drawing was given by wendy i really like how it came out it gave me a japan vibe so i decided to make seem more like Japan and it sort of worked.

(this is my favorit)

apple drawing

i am very happy how it came out this project was given by wendy it didnt take long to make i sort of messed up while doing the end but it still looks good

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

Vincent van Gogh

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 My most recent Drawings

Time Taken to Draw - 3h

- Marta Nagorska

Time Taken to Draw - 2h and 57minuets

- Marta Nagorska

Time Taken to Draw - 5h and 54 Minuets

- Marta Nagorska

here are some of my most recent school drawings or projects.


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